About EU Floor

EU floor was established May 2017 and we specialise in coatings and poured floors with concrete-look design. We, Joey van der Waals and Henk Spekman, are at the beginning of many challenges.

Want us to introduce ourselves?
My name is Joey van der Waals and my partner on the right of the picture is Henk Spekman. You can find more personal information about me on my personal LinkedIn profile. First off, the reason to get into business with Henk Spekman, a seasoned floor applicator. The main reason is that we reinforce each other, because;

• We are a close team that has proven itself for a long time already
• Considering our specialisations we offer many benefits to our clients
• Together we take on every new project, so you as our client have the benefit of us as a team and not just as an individual.
• Taking on big projects is too big of a risk if you’re on your own.
• Together we carry responsibility for your floor.

Would you like to contact us?

Send your e-mail to info@eufloor.nl or call +31 6 519 748 49