Floor coating

Modern and maintenance-free

Do you want a modern and maintenance-free floor for your home, office, showroom, shop or production hall?
Coating your floor provides the solution.
A floor coating is a thin top-layer of synthetic material, which is applied over your existing (synthetic) floor.

This floor has the following advantages:
• Easy to maintain; strong and longwearing, even when chemically burdened;
• Seamless;
• For every application a suited system
• Price-wise very interesting
• Available in numerous RAL-, Sikkens- and NCS-colours.

As experienced applicators, we know what is best for your area.

Floor coating
Trowel floors

Trowel floors

Troubled by a heavy burden?

Trowel floors are excellent for heavily burdened areas.
This type of floor can withstand heavy burdens and when sealed it is also liquid proof.

Thanks to the thickness of ca 5 mm, trowel floors are nearly indestructible.
Therefore, you often find trowel floors in kitchens, production halls, sports areas and tough industries. Please let us know if you want more information or advice.

Poured floors

The elegant solution

A poured floor is seen by many architects as a fitting and elegant solution in many houses and buildings. Warm, modern and stylish and it possesses a smooth appeal. The origin of this type of floor lies decades behind us.
Industry then searched for a floor that met all environmental demands.
The most important quality-need was a liquid proof floor-solution.
The first version that existed is the epoxy poured floor.
Current qualities, like UV-proof, hard elastic, floor heating-proof or a pretty appearance were unimportant in those days. After years of development, the need for those qualities is met in a design polyurethane (PU) poured floor.
The PU poured floor is a flooring system that is bound by a two-component resin. The words “poured floor” literally mean “pouring a floor”. The excellent liquid quality shows itself by resulting in a totally smooth and seamless flooring-system.

Different colours and designs.
All synthetic poured floors can be executed in different designs.

Solo design
From sheet-white to pitch black, from lemony-yellow to apple-green.
The solo design poured floor is smooth and timeless.
Just one colour is used.
Available in almost every RAL, Sikkens and NCS colour, neutral or prominent.
Carefree enjoying a perfect base in which a conscious choice was made for a beautiful and smooth flooring solution.

Duo design
The duo design poured floor is a colour combination.
The design is a mixture of two colours you choose, which come together to one unity.
The possibilities are endless because of the infinite amount of colour combinations.
From serene to explosive shakes.
The duo design poured floor is the perfect base, in which the interior is made into a different unique unity time and time again.

Poured floors are defined by a smooth, even, strong and liquid-proof flooring system. Because of these good qualities, our floors are easily well maintained.

Sound reduction
The poured floors comply to the noise standard of 10dB.
To achieve a higher noise standard, you can choose a special sound reducing foundation. An extra sound reduction derives when floor/wall-connections stay independent. Sound does not carry through supporting walls with independent floor/wall connections. The high elasticity of the PU-poured floor takes care of acoustic comfort.

Floor heating
A synthetic poured floor is suitable for floor heating.
The resins are commonly resistant to the high amounts of shrinkage and expansions of the foundation. Resin is a conductive material which easily adapts to the surrounding temperature. Because of this, floor heating is not necessary with poured floors, though it is extra comfortable.

Poured floors

Benefits of a PU poured floor

• Available in every RAL, Sikkens or NCS-colour.

• The DGF-system is colourfast.

• Appearance by choice; high shine, silky shine or frosted.

• Seamless flooring system.

• Applicable to all surfaces.

• Maintenance free.

• Longwearing, anti-static and liquid-proof.

• Fire-resistant and sound reducing.

• Feels warm and comfortable.

• Suitable for floor heating and allergy free.

Grit floors

Grit floors

Private and industrial use

A grit floor, also called a rock carpet, is a seamless floor with a multifunctional character. It’s a type of floor that is very suitable for both private and industrial use. Rock carpet is easily maintained and can be applied to any shape retaining surface. No unnecessary hacking or breaking.

Rock carpet is built up from pebble-sand. These are mined in quarries.
The pebble-sand is washed and sorted according to size. The pebble-sand is coloured in the factory to the customer’s taste. Then the pebble-sand is mixed with epoxy-additives and applied in the area of choice by EU floor.

A marble carpet is essentially the same as a rock carpet.
The pebble-sand is replaced with stones made of marble and impregnated with a high-quality epoxy-resin. The “gulping” quality of marble disappears and you get an optimal quality when it is applied to your floor.
Thanks to its natural colouring your floor gets a unique, elegant appeal.
A marble carpet can also be covered with an extra sealed layer to make it liquid-proof.

Concrete-look design

The ultimate trend of this era

What does “Concrete-look Design” actually mean and what are the differences in this type of flooring systems?
It’s actually all in the name “Concrete-look”. Concrete-look is a type of floor that has all of the outer characteristics of an actual concrete floor. This also means potential scratching on the surface, cracks and colour-differences. This means it does not always work out. You as consumer have certain expectations but often lack know-how.  Many different products are sold as “Concrete-look”. And all of those products have different qualities. U often choose based on aesthetics instead of technological. You have high expectations of a Concrete-look floor, such as the performance of floor-finishes, even though they meet normal or even high quality-demands.

We would like to show you some examples from the market that are completely different in price and presentation:

• Synthetic (often PU, duo design) poured floor (photo)
• Concrete-bound poured floor (photo)
• Monolithic finished concrete-floor (photo)
• Plastered concrete-bound cover-floor (photo)
• Concrete cire (photo)
• Grey floor-coating (photo)

These are the reason we would like to point your attention to the differences in performance.

The Concrete-look floor finishes vary in;

• Durability
• The ability to withstand scratching
• The ability to be liquid-proof
• The ability to withstand chemical treatment
• (showing) crackling

Because of this we want to give you the right advice! Call us, or send us a message by using the contact form. If we draw the right conclusions together, we can provide your floor with the right Concrete-look Design.

Concrete-look design
Industrial floors

Industrial floors

Call us for the best advice

Working safely starts with the work floor.
– Non-skid and waterproof?
– Conducting?
– Germ static and germicide?

Whatever qualities you need, EU floor offers solutions for practically every situation.  Save costs with a durable synthetic production floor by EU floor, like an epoxy poured floor or floor-coating.

Do you want a floor which can withstand ANY weight?
The Rolls Royce of industrial floors?

Choose Ucrete or PU Concrete.
Considering all of the possibilities, we would like to discuss this with you first.

Colour chips

Playful colours bring more life in your floor.
You can select your base colour and the colour chips, we make an example which helps you decide on the final base colour. The colour chips floors are placed in 4 layers, depending on the foundation (Thickness +- 2-3 mm). You can also choose different sizes colour chips, fully saturated with colour chips or multicolour chips.

These last types of chips are available in amongst others; Granite, Bronze, Onyx, Rubin, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Emerald, Jade, Amethyst and many other beautiful colours.

Set your inner artist free!

Colour chips
Floor repairs

Floor repairs

Safety first and cost effective.

Damaged business floors have a negative effect on your business’ performance.
It can even damage safety. EU floor helps you to meet all the demands when it comes to production-processes and legislation in the right business floor.
A sustainable synthetic floor with a long lifespan. We offer one point of contact for placement, repairs and maintenance of your synthetic business floor.

• Artistic floor
• Trowel floor
• Floor coating
• Ucrete (BasF) and PU concrete (KLB), the Rolls Royce amongst industrial floors.

Do you want to know what synthetic floor is the best solution for your business?